Site name:  
BASIC INFORMATION                
Country:   State/Province:   City/town:  
Date:   Time: Start of survey:   End of survey:  
Latitude (deg. min. sec):    Longitude (deg. min. sec):  
From chart or by GPS? (If GPS, indicate units): chart_____ GPS_____ GPS units: ____________
Orientation of transect: N-S_____ E-W_____  NE-SW_____ SE-NW_____
Temperature (in degrees C): air: ______C surface: ______C at 3m: ______C at 10m: _______C
Distance from shore (m):   from nearest river (km):  
River mouth width:      <10 m   11-50 m    51-100 m   101-500 m  
Distance to nearest population center (km):   Population size (x1000):  
Weather: sunny   cloudy   raining  
Visibility (m) :  
Why is this site selected:   Is this best reef in the area?   Yes:   No :  
Is this site: Always sheltered:   Sometimes:   Exposed:  
Major coral damaging storms Yes:     No   If yes, When was last storm:  
Overall anthropogenic impact None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Is siltation a problem Never:   Occasionally:   Often:   Always:  
Blast fishing None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Poison fishing None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Aquarium fishing None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Harvest inverts for food None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Harvest inverts for curio sales None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Tourist diving/snorkeling: None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Sewage pollution (outfall or boat) None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Industrial pollution None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Commercial fishing (fish caught to sell for food) None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Live food fish trade None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
Artisinal/recreational (personal consumption) None:   Low:   Med:   High:  
How many yachts are typically present within 1km of this site None:   Few (1-2):   Med (3-5):   Many (>5):  
Other impacts:  
Any protection (legal or other) at this site? Yes:   No:   If yes, answer questions below
Is protection enforced Yes:   No:  
What is the level of poaching in protected area? None:   Low:   Med:   High  
Check which activities below are banned:
Commercial fishing  
Recreational fishing  
Invertebrate or shell collecting  
Other (please specify)  
Other comments  
TEAM INFORMATION                
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